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Trends in Kitchen Design

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you are probably interested in the latest trends in kitchen décor and technology. The latest products will enhance the style of your kitchen and make cooking more convenient.

Heated Floors
A heated floor is a great way to warm your feet on cold winter morning. This is a trend that is gaining in popularity.

Installation can be done by a standard floor covering contractor, it requires an electrician only for final thermostat hookup. The thermostat will provide complete control over your personal comfort. They will warm floors on command before you enter the room, and turn the system off when it is no longer needed.

Counter Tops
When you choose a countertop, select a color and texture that compliments your cabinetry, flooring and paint. One recent trend is to combine two or more countertop materials in one kitchen. Using complimentary colors or textures on different surfaces can create visual interest.

It is wise to select a material that will withstand years of use without major maintenance requirements and one that is easily repairable if there is an accident.

Granite Countertops
Granite is one of the most popular high-end countertop materials used today. It is costly, but when buffed to a shine it creates a beautiful look for kitchen counters. Fabricating and installing granite requires a professional. This is no job for the do-it-yourselfer.

Marble Countertops
Marble, and limestone, are also popular and are beautiful natural materials. In most areas, you can find a great selection of colors and figures.

Wood Countertops
The quality of the countertop edge treatment is vital. A solid surface counter is easy to clean and repair. They will also take years of use. It may look great with a wood edge that matches the cabinets, but the wood won’t withstand prolonged exposure to water or household chemicals like a solid surface material.

Reserve the wood edge for areas such as freestanding hutches and use
matching or contrasting solid surface materials for the front edge.

You can combine quality decorative materials such as tile, granite or marble with solid surfaces. Some fabricators can create custom designs for a wonderful visual effect that won’t compromise durability or easy maintenance.

If you have budget constraints, you can use the highest quality materials for the counter areas that will get the most use and install less expensive materials for other areas.

Stainless Steel Countertops
Stainless steel countertops have gained in popularity but aren’t terribly elegant and they don’t look very warm. On the plus side, they don’t absorb stains, oils or odors, but they scratch easily and scratches cannot be repaired.

Good Lighting for Your Kitchen
Most kitchens are used for much more than cooking these days. Everything from homework to hobbies are often done in the kitchen. These activities require proper lighting.

Plenty of general lighting will be supplied by a large ceiling fixture equipped with high energy-efficient fluorescent tubes. However, areas such as the sink and cook top will be left in the shadows without additional lighting in those areas.

Some additional areas in your kitchen may need supplemental task lighting.
The sink will need one or two track lights to give you the illumination required for washing dishes and scouring pots and pans.

The sink and range areas may need an individual recessed down light equipped with an energy-efficient compact fluorescent tube. This will provide you with adequate task lighting when installed in the ceiling over these two work areas.

Breakfast areas and island counters can be lit with decorative pendants. If you use a dimmer control, these fixtures will provide you with good task lighting for homework, hobbies, or family business and will allow you to lower the light for dining or entertaining.

Highlight your cabinetry with accent lighting. Place low voltage mini bulbs under, over, or in the cabinets to give them a more modern look.

To add warmth to the atmosphere in your kitchen, add recessed lighting and dimmers.
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