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The Effects of Texture and Color In Your Kitchen

The experience of being in your kitchen will largely be influenced by your use of color and texture in the design and decorating process. The color sets the stage and ambience of the whole room, with the feel, style, and even the era being evoked determined by the texture of things.

Color is one of the most powerful designs tools you are armed with when venturing out to remodel your kitchen. While adding a fresh feeling of "clean and new", the painting of your kitchen has quite an impact on the overall appearance and even the moods of those who will be using the kitchen.

Selecting a light, neutral color can do much to give your kitchen a roomier feel. Going this route will make the room feel longer, and even make the ceiling feel like it is higher. Selecting a dark, rich tone has the opposite effect, visually "shrinking" the space of your kitchen. Unless equipped with a large kitchen to begin with, most people choose a lighter color to work with when remodeling. Don't forget to try out the color you've picked on a piece of wall before committing to it. Colors will often appear quite different when used on a larger space (your wall compared to the sample strip) and in the natural lighting that your kitchen has.

If you absolutely must have some rich vivid color involved in your kitchen but cannot swing painting in these colors, let your passions loose on some colorful accessories! Adding accessories can enhance the mood you are trying to provide with your design in addition to adding some visual charm. Just make sure that these accessories will work with the overall design of your kitchen and use them sparingly to avoid a cluttered, busy look.

Texture is something often ignored when remodeling a kitchen. However, when used properly, textures can really increase a kitchen's warmth and character while providing contrast to make certain design elements stand out. Flooring, cabinets, appliances, counters, and curtains all have a wide variety of materials and finishes, each with many different textures. Someone after a sleek, clean look may opt for the smooth surfaces that stainless steel appliances offer. A rustic cabin setting may benefit more by using a rich wood floor with complimentary wooden cabinets. A modern contemporary kitchen may feature a backdrop with a nice faux finish. You can also easily integrate some texture into your kitchen design as your accessorize. Items such as decorative throw rugs and mosaic tiles can help add extra volume and texture to the look of your kitchen.

The overall style of your kitchen can be greatly enhanced by proper and creative use of textures and colors. Often times these upgrades are cost-effective and affordable that can do much to add to the pleasure of spending time in your new kitchen.
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