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Kitchen Remodeling Storage Considerations

If you have lots of kitchen accessories, dishes, and food stored in your kitchen, planning your storage space ahead of your floor plan may be a prudent course of action for you.

You may want to start the planning process by making a list of everything you plan on storing in the kitchen (both the items you currently store and plan to keep in the kitchen, and the items that you would like moved to the kitchen storage space). Make a brief notation for each item about the space that the item(s) is currently consuming. Is it enough space? Do you need more space? Where do you plan on keeping this item in your new kitchen?

Perhaps consider buying a wall hutch to store items that are either decorative or seldom used (like that set of heirloom China or flatware). In addition to adding a decorative touch, this will free up drawer and cabinet space for food, spices, and items more frequently needed in day-to-day kitchen use.

If you have an open kitchen layout, perhaps a hanging pot rack can be placed somewhere that is easily reached but doesn't encroach on workspace. This would allow you to free up any cabinets that are currently overloaded and difficult to retrieve pots and pans from. For those with really small kitchens, you can now avoid storing your pots in the stove!

If you have a garage or utility room with extra space you may want to consider buying an additional freezer. This can be quite helpful for those with large families, or who prefer buying foodstuffs in bulk, and don't enjoy "frozen food avalanche" every time the kitchen freezer door is opened. Purchasing a freezer unit with that sits low to the ground and swings open from the top can also provide a temporary workspace for those times when you're walking in the door with your hands full!

When selecting a new cabinetry system, stick to drawers that have full-extension runners. Being able to open a drawer all the way out will make it so that you can easily utilize all the space the drawer has rather than just the front half of it.

Accessory bonanza: space-conscious manufacturers are creating and selling many efficient accessories these days such as retractable built-in counter cutting boards, fold-down ironing boards in closets and pantries, and cabinet-mounted breadboxes. Making use of space saver appliances and accessories (if practical) will only add the space you have to work with.
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