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Current Trends In Kitchen Remodeling Design: Spacious Kitchens

Making decisions about the design of your kitchen is such an important step of the remodeling process. There are so many key activities and functions that happen within the kitchen. Quite often the kitchen is a common place for socializing when having gatherings in your home. Because of the popularity of this space, many are opting for a more comfortable and open feel for their new kitchens.

The more space your kitchen has, the easier it will be to convert your current kitchen into a modernized, multi-tasking room for the family by blending work areas together. If you aren't afforded the luxury of many square feet of kitchen space, perhaps enlist the assistance of a planning specialist to help you "discover" extra space. Your local hardware store may be able to refer you to a qualified contractor or designer. Often times specialists will recommend doing things like opening up a pantry, perhaps taking down a dividing wall, or even raising the ceiling if it's possible. Space can also be reclaimed by carefully designing your cupboards and cabinets to store the specific things you keep in them so as to avoid having too much unused space.

Lots of the new homes being built today are moving towards the trend of having a "great room kitchen", where all the activities that used to take place in the living room alone are now being done in a shared space between the kitchen and living room. Often times this is done by removing any dividers between the kitchen and living room or by opening up walls to permit visual clearance for those in the living space and the kitchen to connect. By doing this, interaction can easily take place between those working in the kitchen and those relaxing in the living room. Additionally those in the kitchen can now perhaps enjoy the movie, music, or the group game that is taking place, maybe even enjoying the view of a fireplace while at work. If your kitchen remodel is going this route it may be prudent to take some time to make sure that these new, shared areas have complimentary colors and decorative accessories to provide a more seamless, intentional look.

Selecting "space efficient" appliances and accessories will also help add to the openness of your new kitchen. For example, it is quite common to have a television set in the kitchen. If your television is taking up counter space, perhaps consider a wall mounting kit for it. For the ultra space conscious, perhaps even ordering a new-aged flat panel television would satisfy the best.
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